Shiba Linux

Based on the the user friendly Ubuntu, I'm the most popular OS in the world (well... Do you any other Operating Shibe? :D ).

I've got a gigantous app center, new gaming platforms coming in every day, and up-to-date hardware support. There's hardly a thing I cannot do.


From FreeBSD, with some shibe magic!

I'm for the power-shibes who like to get their hands dirty tweaking, optimizing, compiling, and want killer features out of-the-box that you won't find elsewhere (looking at you, ZFS).


I come with a cup of MATE (the Desktop Environment)
and a couple of sweet apps (some not yet in ShiBSD)


Shiba Linux image 1.6 (64-bit)

ShiBSD base.txz 1.6 (64-bit)
(iso image soon)

Official Dogecoin Wallet 1.6 (for *BSDs)